Seasonal Resort Rates

All rates apply from July 2016 - June 2017


Low Season

1-2 People: R591

3 People: R631

4 People: R670

5 People: R711

6 People: R751

High Season

1-2 People: R670

3 People: R711

4 People: R752

5 People: R789

6 People: R829


Wooden Cabins

1-2 People: R670

3 People: R711

4 People: R751

Log Cabins

1-2 People: R789

3 People: R829

4 People: R869


Camping & Caravanning

Tents no Electricity

Low season: R201

High season: R211

Tents / Caravans
with Electricity

Low season: R233

High season: R239


Max 60 People

Adult: R27

Child: R14

Without Kitchen facilities: R591

With Kitchen facilities: R798


Youth Centre


Per person: R48

Conferences: R798

Putt Putt: R27

Fishing: R66 (bring annual permit)

Day Visitors

Bus: R211

Vehicle: R33

Adults: R30

Children: R20


Costs are per vehicle/bus

Bus Low Season: R211

Bus High Season: R212

16+ People: R211

7-16 People: R81

1-6 People: R53


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