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Cango Caves

Do a little Indiana Jones style adventuring and explore the ancient mysteries that hide beneath the limestone of the Swartberg Mountains. Recent archeological discoveries have revealed that the Cango Caves have been sheltering mankind for more than 80 000 years. Poke around the dripstone caverns, vast limestone halls and towering rock formations that used to home our early homo sapien ancestors.

Cango Wildlife Ranch

More of an animal lover? Why not check out the Cango Wildlife Ranch? The ranch protects and conserves a variety of endangered species. Guests to the ranch can choose from a wide range of activities, from ambling through the snake park to playing with the lemurs and gaping at the rare snow white tiger.

Rust-en-Vrede Waterfall

For a small entrance fee, you can enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer with a picturesque mountain trail hike that leads to the breath-taking Rust-en-Vrede Waterfall. Situated 18km outside of Oudtshoorn, Rust-en-Vrede offers you a scenic detour if you just so happen to be on your way to the Cango Caves. If you’d prefer to make it an all-day outing, picnic and braai facilities are available at the entrance.

Welgewandel Holiday Farm

Trade in your mechanical horse-power for some camel-power at Welgewandel Holiday Farm. The farm, which you will find 2km from the Cango Caves, offers a huge variety of off-beat activities such as camel rides, donkey cart rides, water slides, putt-putt courses, zip lining, row boats, pedal cars, animal feeding and much more.

Cango Ostrich Farm

Get up-close and personal with our funny-looking feathery friends at the Cango Ostrich Show Farm. Located 14km outside of Oudtshoorn on the main route towards the world famous Cango Caves, the Cango Ostrich Farm allows its guests to pet and ride the ostriches. If birds aren’t really your thing, then you can enjoy a meal at the farm’s restaurant, browse through the farm’s curio shop, or sip at some wine at the farm’s wine house while the rest of your family become ostrich-riding cowboys.


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